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The second pressing of the debut LP by SONIC EYES "Hearing with Sonic Eyes" is now available!! Limited pressing of 140 copies!!


Gavin Mysterion & Dan GB (from South London band & art cluster Scud FM) recorded the LP at Mysterion Art Lab in Lambeth, South London and Dan's studio in Italy across 2019 - 2021. The LP also features songs with fellow Scuds Zsa Zsa Sapien & Trixie Malixie, as well as South London poet laureate Patrick Lyons.


It's a noise box William Blake wormhole of beats, words & guitar to dance out of the end times and into the new times to. It also features the now sold out singles "Prophesy Snake" & "Graphite Sweepers".


This Handmade Edition includes a quality cover designed and printed by Odette Mysterion and a vinyl Mysterion Art Lab sticker on the back. Every 180gram